Pocket Glass Lab Thermometer

Glass Laboratory Thermometer

Here is a classic GLASS POCKET THERMOMETER (Cat # THERM) for simple and easy temperature measurement in the range of 0 - 220 F (Fahrenheit). The thermometer has a protective case, with pocket clip and a top eyelet for hanging.  The easy-to-read graduations are on a white background. This thermometer is spirit filled, avoiding mercury concerns. It's ideal for science projects related to weather, chemistry, heating, cooling, solar energy, etc. Please note that we provide 2 thermometers per offer and ship them postage paid to USA locations only, all for only $23.50

Temperature Range: 0-220 F, Length 6 inches, Spirit Filled (No Mercury), 2 Degree Graduations

A glass thermometer is a basic lab tool that all experimenters should have.

2 Glass Thermometers (Catalog #THERM)...$23.50, USA Shipping Only, International shipping is not available



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