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Thermostat Switching of Relay Output 'ON' and 'OFF' according to Temperature

Temperature Controller from MTM Scientific, Inc

The TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SWITCH KIT (Cat. # TCKIT) from MTM Scientific contains all the parts you need to build a circuit for switching devices 'ON' and 'OFF' according to temperature. This circuit operates like an adjustable thermostat with dual outputs. For example, you can energize a heater when it is too cold, and/or energize a fan when it is too hot. The temperature setpoint is adjusted by turning the 'TEMP ADJUST" screw. The kit includes a standard sensor for the temperature range 15 to 110 C (59 to 230 F). An optional temperature sensor (see below) extends the low temperature range. We also offer an optional light sensor (see below) for using this same kit to detect and switch based on light level. This kit is useful for applications such as greenhouses, solar projects, temperature alarms, controllers, water baths, brooders, coolers, etc. The red and green LEDs indicate status: RED indicates heater 'ON', and GREEN indicates cooler 'ON'. The mechanical relay output will switch 1 amp at up to 30 VDC or 120 VAC.  Also included is an 8 page instruction booklet with project examples, technical details, circuit diagram and parts list. Please note that this kit requires 12 VDC power, which you must supply. We ship by 1st Class Mail in the U.S.A. Sorry: No International

Temperature Controller Specifications: Temperature Range 15-110 C (59-230 F), Power Supply Required 12 VDC, Output Switching up to 30 VDC or 120 VAC (1 Amp Max), Standard Temperature Sensor is included. (Extend sensor leads using ordinary copper wire).

Please note: This circuit kit requires assembly, which includes soldering.  You will also need to provide a small 12 VDC power supply, such as a wall transformer or battery.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SWITCH KIT (Catalog #TCKIT)...$39.50   Free USA Shipping. Sorry: No International

The optional LOW TEMPERATURE SENSOR (Cat. # LOWTS) from MTM Scientific changes the working temperature range of our kit to -15 to 35 C ( 5 to 95 F). This is useful for applications near the freezing point of water, etc.  The sensor is available for $5.00 postage paid. Click the link below to order using Paypal.


The optional LIGHT SENSOR (Cat. # LIGHT) from MTM Scientific allows this same kit to detect light levels and switch the relay outputs accordingly.  This is useful for applications where you may wish to control an electrical device based on light level (dusk, sunrise, cloud cover, etc). Easy to use... simply replace the temperature sensor with this light sensor. It is available for $5.00 postage paid. Click the link below to order using Paypal.

LIGHT SENSOR (Catalog #LIGHT)... $5.00 


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