MTM Scientific, Inc... Sidereal Clock Kit for Astronomy

Sidereal Clock Kit Assembled

The SIDEREAL CLOCK KIT (CAT# SIDCLK) from MTM Scientific, Inc allows you to build a digital LED clock based on a high accuracy Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO). Sidereal Time is used by astronomers and is based on the apparent motion of the celestial sphere. This kit features a red LED display which is ideal for low-light astronomical observations. The clock operates on 9-12 VDC power, which you for example from a wall mounted transformer or battery. A stand-alone dedicated sidereal clock is an observing convenience working astronomers will quickly appreciate. This clock is great for visual astronomical observing and also useful for drift scan radio telescopes. Please note this kit requires assembly and electronic soldering. Detailed instructions are provided, and the instructions include a complete circuit diagram, software source code and parts list.

Sidereal Clock Kit before assembly

Specifications: TCXO Sidereal Clock, Red LED Display with 0.5" Digits, Requires 9-12 VDC (100 mA) Power Supply, Time displayed is HR:MIN in 24 hour format

SIDEREAL DIGITAL CLOCK KIT (Catalog #SIDCLK)... $77.50, Free shipping in USA. International: Please inquire by email 


The DIGITAL CLOCK KIT (CAT #DIGCLK) is offered in response to our customers asking for a version of the clock kit (above) which functions as an ordinary digital clock displaying regular time. The digital LED clock is based on the same high accuracy Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO). This kit is useful if you would like to add a clock at your observing location which displays Universal Time (UTC) or your local Standard Time. The red LED display is designed for preserving night vision, while also being easy to read in low-light settings. This kit is otherwise identical to the clock kit shown above.

DIGITAL CLOCK KIT (Catalog #DIGCLK)... $77.50, Free shipping in USA. International: Please inquire by email


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