MAX187 Parallel Port ADC Kit

Here is a Complete Kit to Build an Analog to Digital Converter!

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Here is a kit to build a 12 bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that connects directly to your computer's parallel port. This kit is compatible with the Radio Sky software for doing Radio Astronomy. Although the circuit diagram is widely available on the internet, we were surprised to find a kit for building the ADC wasn't available. This compact kit uses the amazing MAX187 IC...a complete ADC converter with integral data communication I/O. The small form factor of the PCB is designed to plug directly into the parallel port connector. The circuit operates using an external 12 VDC power supply that you provide. Optionally, you can use a 9V transistor radio battery. The 9V battery also works as a power failure backup for the 12 VDC supply. The power supply inputs are diode protected to guard against reversed polarity during hookup. The screw-type wire connection terminals make hookup quick and easy.

MAX187 Assembled Kit

A simple setup like this ADC Kit is perfect for radio astronomy projects that may be using a legacy computer as a dedicated data collection system. Legacy computers running stable operating systems (XP, etc.) are perfect for robust data acquistion... free from the spectre of forced updates, restarts, etc. This ADC is supplied as a kit that requires assembly and electronic soldering. We have used simple through hole components to make that part of the project manageable. (No fine pitch surface mount.) This kit includes the MAX187 IC and all the other components your need, as shown in the photos.

MAX187 Kit Contents

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The MAX187 ADC KIT (#MAX187) from MTM Scientific is a complete parts kit for building the MAX 187 Analog to Digital Converter. We ship using 1st Class Postal Mail in the USA with USPS tracking number.  The MAX187 ADC Kit price is $39.50, which includes shipping. Sorry, No International orders.

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