Poultry Egg Incubator Thermostat and Heater Kit

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Typical Egg Incubator using our Plans

The INCUBATOR THERMOSTAT and HEATER KIT (Cat# INCKIT) is ideal for the poultry hobbyist that would like to build an incubator for hatching eggs. The kit contains all the electronic parts for building an adjustable temperature controller and electric heater. Build an incubator by mounting this assembled electronic kit inside your cardboard box insulated with Styrofoam. The instructions explains what to do... The assembled electronic kit is shown in this photo:

View of the Heater and Thermostat Kit Assembled

As built, the maximum heater power output is 20 Watts... which is adequate for a small to medium (10-40) size clutch of eggs arranged in a single layer. It is also possible to increase the power by adding an external heating element. We include a glass lab thermometer for setting the incubation temperature, normally at 100F. Please note that this electronic kit requires assembly and soldering, and the incubator box must be of your own construction. Also, the kit requires a 12 VDC / 2 Amp power source to operate, such as a wall-plug type supply. Here are some examples of incubators built using this kit: Incubator Examples.

This kit is perfect for the do-it-yourself poulty hobbyist that would like to hatch eggs simply and inexpensively by building their own incubator.

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This E-Booklet is a PDF file which contains the complete details of the Incubator Kit Project, including the detailed circuit diagram. Technically inclined customers have asked for the details of the circuit, as they often have a good supply of electronic parts. The incubator thermostat circuit was specifically designed for the purpose, and will work well for your application. (Note: The MTM circuit uses the LP339 comparator, but a LM339 IC from Radio Shack can be substituted.)

INCUBATOR CIRCUIT PLANS E-BOOLET (Catalog #INCBK)...$5.00, Electronic E-Booklet delivered in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Note: After payment is made watch your email for a download link. This process is fast, but it is not instant!

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