Single Supply DC Instrumentation Amplifier Circuit & IC

A common challenge for experimenters is increasing the gain of a low level DC voltage for recording or analysis. Most instrumentation circuits require building a complicated project with dual power supplies and high accuracy components. A simple solution is to use an Integrated Circuit (IC) specifically designed for the purpose, such as the INA122. This particular instrumentation amplifier IC is very easy to use because it operates from a single supply voltage and only one external resistor is needed to set the DC gain. Here is the circuit diagram showing how to use the INA122 to make a  basic DC amplifier.

Circuit diagram of a single supply amplifier

In this particular example the gain is set to 205X. The gain is calculated according to the formula Gain = 5 + (200K / R). The maximum output signal from the amplifier cannot exceed the supply voltage.  The meter or device which reads the output from the amplifier should have a high input impedance. This same circuit can be used to amplify a differential voltage by connecting Pin 2 (V- in) to the reference voltage instead of ground. There are many more examples for using this amplifier in the data sheet (See link below)

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Please note that this offer is for only the Integrated Circuit Chips.  You will need to provide a breadboard, power supply, resistor, etc to complete your amplifier. Numerous other useful applications are possible with this IC, such as amplifying sensors, strain gages and millivolt output transducers... please refer to the INA122 data sheet.

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