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Build a Solar Tracker Go to Book: Build a Solar Tracker

Solar Tracker Circuit Kit Solar Tracker Kits 

AM Radio Loop Antenna plans, kits, parts from MTM Scientific, Inc.

Temperature Controller Circuit Kit Go to Temperature Kit

365 MMF Air Variable Capacitor Capacitor

Kit to build IBM PC clone computer Go to IBM PC clone computer kit

Preamp Kit Go to Preamp Kit!

Amp-Hour Battery Capacity Meter Kit Battery Meter Kit

Incubator Heater and Thermostat Kit Go to Incubator Kit

Digital Sidereal Clock Kit Sidereal Clock Kit

The MTM Scientific Automotive Alternator Booklets describes boosting low RPM output for windmill projects.

CATV NTSC Electronic Tuner (Panasonic) Jump to CATV Tuner Page

Handcranked DC Generator E-Booklet Go to Handcranked Generator Booklet

Hydraulic Ram Plans for Water Ram Pump Go to Hydraulic Ram Booklet Page

1N34A Germanium Point Contact Diode Detectors Diode Detectors and Diode Report

Shortwave Radio Kit from MTM Scientific, Inc Go to Shortwave Radio Kit page

Build a Shortwave Loop Antenna Shortwave Loop Antenna Plans

Time Controlled Relay Kit Go to Time Controlled Relay Kit

FishWOW Cuban Yo Yo Fishing Hand Reel Go To FishWOW Offer

Classic Glass Lab Pocket Thermometer Glass Thermometers

Model Rocket Altimeter Go to Model Rocket Altimeter

Links to FREE Project Ideas Links to FREE Project Ideas

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Air Variable Capacitor (Catalog #AIRCAP)

AM Radio DX Loop Antenna Starter Kit (Catalog #LPKIT)

AM Radio DX Loop Antenna Deluxe Kit (Catalog #DXKIT)

Automotive Alternator Modifications Booklet (Catalog #AABK)

Battery Amp Hour Meter Kit (Catalog  #AHKIT)

CATV Electronic Tuner (Catalog #TUNER)

FishWOW! Cuban Reel Yo Yo (Catalog #FISHWOW)

Hydraulic Ram Plans (Catalog # RAMBK)

Handcranked DC Generator Booklet (Catalog #HKBK)

Model Rocket Altimeter (Catalog #Altimeter)

1N34A Crystal Radio Diodes (Catalog # DIODES)

PC-Retro Kit to build IBM PC Clone Motherboard (Catalog #PC-RETRO)

Poultry Egg Incubator Kit (Catalog #INCKIT)

Prints by Rich Ahern (Catalog #AHERN)

Sidereal Clock Kit for Astronomy (Catalog #SIDCLK)

Slow Scan RF Spectrum Analyzer Project

Solar Tracker Circuit Kit (Catalog #ST2 & #ST2HD)

Temperature Controlled Switch Kit (Catalog #TCKIT)

Time Controlled Switch Kit (Catalog #TIMER)

Yagi Antenna Plans

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